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Access exclusive listings and buyer needs, build stronger professional relationships, and better serve your clients.





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Have you Heard About the clubhouse?

The Clubhouse offers an all-new way to do business. It is an agent-to-agent platform designed to bolster your professional inner circle and elevate the experience of sharing listings and buyer needs with fellow top-producing agents.

Who will you find in the Clubhouse?

What our members are saying

This exclusive platform offers unparalleled access to top listings, enhancing my ability to serve my clients and elevate their experience.

Bridget Ramey, KUPER SOTHEBY'S

As Austin’s premier private listing platform, the Clubhouse gives me real-time access to the city’s latest exclusive listings and buyer needs.

Nicole Kessler, COMPASS

In real estate, the keys to success are access, relationships, and a dash of ingenuity. And guess what? The Clubhouse is the epitome of all three!

This platform is truly a game-changer. With exclusive access to private listings and buyer needs from other top-producing agents, I have the ability to increase my clients’ opportunities in many ways! I would consider the Clubhouse platform one of the “playbooks” to navigating the real estate market.


We Get it.

We Get It.

After nearly a decade working closely with leading real estate professionals, no one – besides another broker or agent – better understands agent to agent communication, effective marketing, and how deals actually get done.

Rooted in Design + Marketing. built to be effective.

Notable highlights that create a seamless user experience.

The Dashboard

  • The page you hit when you first login, this includes all the most pertinent info including the latest listings and buyer needs plus unread messages in your inbox.

Share + Search

  • For both buyer needs and listings, the Clubhouse makes it easier than ever to share ‘em and search ‘em. Plus you can message other members about ‘em directly in the site.

Member Directory

  • The Clubhouse exists to help you get deals done, but it’s also about building community. You may know some members by name only and this is the perfect space to connect.

Why The clubhouse?

The easiest way to explain it is to hear it straight from our members.

Join the Club

$500 / Year*

Access exclusive listings and buyer needs, build stronger professional relationships and better serve your clients.

*Plus applicable taxes

Because Community +
Collaboration are Key

Qualifications to apply

  • Active Sales Agent or Broker license in Texas
  • Active presence within your market (through past sales, current listings, or a combination of both)

How To Join

  • Click here to apply for membership in your market
  • Input your payment details (you will be charged only if we approve your application)
  • If approved, you’ll receive an email with additional details on how to log in


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Houston (Coming 2024)

Join The Club.

Join the club.

The future of real estate, now.

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When you reach out to @austinfromaustin_ about this Barton Creek listing (and you should), ask for the Carlos tour. Learning about the amount of thought and detail that went into this reno will 🤯 your mind.
As seen in the Clubhouse - DM for the link to details. #comissioncoclubhouse
When you picture us hard at work on the Clubhouse, making platform improvements and brainstorming new functionality, we definitely look this put together, right? 😘 #comissioncoclubhouse
It’s hard to even remember how you were doing business before, right? 😊 #comissioncoclubhouse
What a happy coincidence that our San Antonio launch would line up with Fiesta. One more reason to celebrate. 🎊 #comissioncoclubhouse
| Clubhouse Property of the Week | There’s a real-life Gingerbread House on the market, right here in Austin’s Bouldin Creek neighborhood. And that’s just half of the listing. An additional structure on the 7,971 SF lot offers a modern two-story, three bedroom home with a private entrance. Both homes have been successful rental properties for the past few years, both with long-term tenants and STR. 🙌
Listed by @ewaldywald & @meganigallagher | Photos by @cinematics28 | #comissioncoclubhouse
We’ve embarked on our next adventure with the Clubhouse and launched in San Antonio! 🤠
SAN ANTONIO AGENTS: You now have a better way to share private listings, coming soons, and buyer needs. Join leading agents from Kuper Sotheby’s, Phyllis Browning Company, Portfolio Real Estate, Corie Properties Group, and more in this exciting new chapter in San Antonio real estate. #comissioncoclubhouse
A meaningful Q1 post sounded great in theory but there’s just too much to cover. Thank you guys for making it epic. 🤠🥂
Hearing from our members that the Clubhouse is allowing them to get more deals done, connect with new colleagues, and better serve their buyers and sellers? It doesn’t get better than that. 🙌 #comissioncoclubhouse

Want The Clubhouse In Your City?

Want the Clubhouse in your city?

Shoot us a line. Let us know.